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Prudential Short Term Disability Explained

Many employers offer short term disability benefits for their employees.  Some employees in the Seattle area have their short-term disability through Prudential, Hartford, Lincoln, or Reliance Standard, among other companies.  ...
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How Long Does Long Term Disability Last

Long-term disability is a serious problem for anyone unable to work due to an unexpected sickness or injury. It can have a substantial influence on an individual’s financial and personal ...
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Is Long Term Disability Taxable?

The majority of people believe that disabilities only affect other people, however, they actually occur more frequently than you might imagine. When an employee is unable to work for an ...
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How Does Long-Term Disability Work

In the event of a long term disability, do you have adequate cover for all your financial obligations? Unfortunately, most people don’t. In such an unfortunate event, financial support is ...
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ERISA Disability

ERISA Disability Very few attorneys handle ERISA governed insurance claims, which is surprising since it covers almost every American in some way, shape, or form. ERISA stands for the Employee ...
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