Brain Injury Alliance

Today is an important day for nonprofits throughout the Seattle area: the GiveBIG campaign, created by the Seattle Foundation, is collecting donations to benefit innumerable causes. Every year, Seattle residents come together to Give BIG to thousands of organizations, every one of which is making real, important contributions to our city and its people.

Among the many excellent nonprofits that are working every day to make Seattle a stronger, safer and more vibrant community, we’d like to call attention to one: the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington.


For 35 years, the BIAWA has been working to provide support, public awareness, and above all, hope for those affected by brain injuries through education, assistance and advocacy. The BIAWA believes that no one who is living with a traumatic brain injury or who has to cope with the effects of a loved one’s injury should endure the often challenging life changes alone.

Aaron Engle  Law strongly believes in the BIAWA’s vision of a world where traumatic brain injuries are prevented and those already affected by TBI have the resources they need to maximize their quality of life. We’re proud to partner with this great organization, and we are asking you to Give BIG to the BIAWA today!