Aaron Engle Law Donates To Spinal Cord Injury Organization

In June, Aaron Engle Law presented a substantial donation to the Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection (Oregon SCI).

Founded in December 2015, Oregon SCI is a nonprofit devoted to connecting people who are living with spinal cord injuries with resources, support and empowerment. Founder West Livaudais is himself a spinal cord injury survivor – and a close friend of Aaron Engle Law.

“In our practice, we’ve seen that people who are living with spinal cord injuries and other long-term, debilitating injuries are absolutely still able to live full and fulfilling lives,” said attorney Fred Langer. “We’re proud to partner with West’s organization and support spinal cord injury survivors throughout the Northwest.”


“We share a mission with Oregon SCI: To help people who have been permanently disabled access the resources, care and support they need,” added attorney Aaron Engle.

Langer and Engle presented West and his wife Courtney with a $25,000 check on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. They said that the presentation was an important reminder of “why we do what we do.”

“West’s story is an example of someone whose life was derailed by a severe injury – and who had the courage and strength to keep moving forward,” said Langer. “We’re committed both to preventing future spinal cord injuries by holding those who negligently harm others accountable, and to helping survivors and their families rebuild their lives.”