Every day, responsible motorists are injured because of the actions of impaired drivers. Recovery can often take months or years and can be financially burdensome on those affected. Within a split second, your life can be changed by an impaired driver.

One driver discusses his lengthy recovery and the hardships a single drunk driving accident caused him and his family.

The day it all changed

When Jacob Smith was in high school, he attended a Family, Career and Community Leaders of America conference. As he was returning home, a car slammed head first into the school vehicle in which he was riding. His injuries from that accident were so severe, he needed to be airlifted to the hospital where he was told he might never walk again. He had severe fractures in his face, back, and foot as well as a traumatic brain injury.

His road to recovery was long. He had to learn to read and to walk all over again. Though he has recovered now, his life has been forever changed. He can never fully return to the person he was before the crash.

Since the accident, Jacob Smith has become a road safety advocate. He is hoping that by sharing his story, others will think twice before they take their eyes off the road or engage in other unsafe driving behaviors.

“Getting a license is one of the most exciting times of a teenager’s life,” Smith writes, “but new drivers must understand that driving is a privilege, not a right. I stand today as a TBI survivor because someone made the wrong decision on the road.”

Driver’s licenses aren’t without risk

While driving is a rite of passage for millions of teenagers across this country, it is not without risk. Teens often think they are invincible on the road, but the truth is that they are vulnerable to injuries that can change the rest of their lives. And in too many cases, irresponsible decisions made by other drivers can have a devastating impact on teens’ lives.

Jacob’s story is a cautionary tale of the sheer impact that traumatic brain injuries and other severe injuries can have on victims’ lives. It’s important for parents to educate their children about the dangers that come with going out on the road alone. And it’s just as important to hold negligent drivers accountable when they cause severe, disabling injuries.

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