Seattle winters mean a great many dark, rainy nights. The limited night visibility makes it difficult to notice other cars or pedestrians we wouldn’t have any trouble seeing during the day. In addition to other factors, this increases the risk of getting into a car accident that results in serious injury.

Limited visibility

On average, driver visibility is limited to 250 feet with regular headlights and 500 feet with high beams. Because of this, a car accident is three times more likely to occur at night, especially when combined with fog, rain and winter weather conditions.

Drivers may have a hard time seeing pedestrians or bicyclists and navigating roads that lack lighting. Negligent driver behavior, such as irresponsible use of high beams and tailgating, can also inhibit other motorists’ visibility and increase the risk of a crash.

Tired driving

The accident risk at night also increases due to tired driving. When the days get shorter, the lack of light can trick drivers’ circadian rhythms into releasing melatonin.

Typically, drowsy driving accidents happen during the peak nighttime hours – midnight to 6 a.m.

Safety tips for driving at night

Below are some tips that all drivers should adhere to. When negligent drivers fail to do so, they can be found liable if they cause a crash. These safety tips include:

  • Keep eyes on the road: Drivers should avoid staring directly at the headlights of oncoming vehicles. Instead, they should keep their eyes focused on the lines in the road.
  • Reduce speed: The faster drivers go, the less time they have to react to road hazards.
  • Watch out for bikes: Seattle is a very bike-friendly city. While most bike riders equip their bikes with lights and other reflective gear, not all do.
  • Drive responsibly: Avoid driving distracted or impaired. Don’t drive recklessly and follow all speed limits.

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