Safety Concerns for Teen Drivers in Seattle

While we’re getting closer to the end of summer, the risks associated with teen drivers still remain a concern in Seattle.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) reports that in the summer of 2016, teen drivers were responsible for more than 1,050 car accident fatalities. One simple reason for this is, after school lets out for the year, teen drivers have more free time on their hands and are more likely to spend increasing amounts of that time on the road as compared to the rest of the year.

Inexperience leads to increased accidents

Dr. David Yang is the executive director for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. He sees the importance in teaching our teens about proper road safety, “Through education, proper training, and involvement of parents, we can help our young drivers to become better and safer drivers, which in turn keeps the roads safer for everyone.”

AAA has a variety of safe driving resources for all drivers, including a section of resources specifically for teen drivers. The information and helpful tool on their site can help prepare your teen for life as a driver. They can learn the laws and regulations for Washington State as they prepare for their test as well as learn about the dangers of distracted or drunk driving.

The more they know, the safer our roads will be.

Talk to your teens about driving

The Washington car accident lawyers at Aaron Engle Law strongly support safety regulations and measures intended to protect newly licensed teen drivers. Driving is a big responsibility and as such, it should not be taken lightly. Teens need to be able to ease into their newfound responsibility.

In Washington State, we have laws to help teens do just that that. For instance, a newly licensed teen driver in our state may not have anyone under 20 years old in the car with them for the first six months after obtaining their license. Also, for that first year, they are not allowed to be on the road between the hours of 1 am and 5 am.

Yet, even with these and other measures, accidents still happen. Parents, talk to your teen about the risks and privilege of a driver’s license before they take their test. Impress upon them that their actions could have real and lasting effects on their own lives as well as the lives of others.

If you or a loved one was involved in an accident with a teen driver, contact us today. Our dedicated team of lawyers can help get you and your family back on the road.