The High Cost of a Low Price

Black Friday deals lead to brawls

Seattle personal injury lawyerThe holiday season is a joyous time for many. We celebrate with a feast on Thanksgiving and gifts on Christmas, then end the season by ringing in the New Year with our family and friends. However, another holiday has developed over the years that has become known, not for the joy of the season, but often for unruly behavior. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the biggest shopping day of the year. The discounts kick-start the holiday shopping season, causing deal-hungry consumers to flock to malls and retail stores. While this is great news for many who find that perfect gift at a discounted rate, the day can also turn ugly for some shoppers.

Every year, there are reports of violent altercations at stores all across the country in the weeks before Christmas. From grown adults fighting over toys to shoppers being shot or stabbed outside malls, this day can bring out the worst in us. On some occasions, the brawls have gotten so bad that they’ve caused shopping centers to close early.

So much emphasis and importance is placed on finding our loved ones that perfect gift, and too often, consumer behavior can be taken to the extreme.

Shopping centers need to provide better security

Though many reports are from Black Friday, there are stories of violence in shopping centers throughout the holiday season. The holidays are a very emotional time for some people and sometimes those emotions can propel a person to act in an outrageous and at times inappropriate manner. While there is no good reason for adults to behave this way, malls and retail stores are expected to amp up their security during the holiday season. If by chance, an injury does occur, the mall or store where it occurred can be held accountable. It is their obligation to provide adequate levels of security to ensure shopper safety and prevent violent situations from escalating.

The personal injury lawyers at Aaron Engle Law believe that consumers have a right to shop without the risk of an assault or injury, no matter what time of the year it is. If you have been injured at a mall or other shopping center, contact us today. We can meet you for a consultation, free of charge.